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Residential cleaning services:

  • First Impressions Count.

    ecoREACH provides you with a reliable, profesional, uniformed service. Using the latest technology in pole systems, we offer increased privacy, as all our work is done from the ground. Reduced time on your porperty, as we can clean your windows faster than the traditional method. And most importantly, no property damaging ladder work. All this and at competitive prices.

  • Not only does our pole system allow us to complete the work in a shorter time and therfore price our work more competitively, but it is also an environmentally friendly cleaning system. No detergents, chemicals or household cleaning products are used, just clean, clear 100% pure water and all waste water is recyclable!







our advantages

  • 1.

    A comprehensive clean.

    Unlike most window cleaners we do not just clean your glass. We make cleaning your frames and sills part of our standard service. This means your windows stay and look cleaner for longer.

  • 2.

    Chemical free cleaning.

    We do not use chemicals or detergents that can damage your property, garden or the environment.

  • 3.

    No need for ladders.

    We do not use ladders which can cause damage to the exterior of your property, sills or other sufaces. As we do not need to wrangle ladders, we provide a better service in a shorter time.

  • 4.

    Your Privacy Protected.

    As ladders are not used, we will not be looking through your windows.

  • 5.


    Although we are fully insured, all our work is done from the ground making our safety record second to none.