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Window Cleaning

ecoREACH provides a high-level cleaning service.

We have tailored the business to cover many of the necessary criteria required by large and small property owners.
Our professional exterior cleaning program will ensure that your business image is always at it's best. 

We provide Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Cladding Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning.

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office window cleaning
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Window Cleaning

As well as a professional external window cleaning, we also clean windows internally. We understand the need for forward planning to have access to your property when it's convenient for you.  

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Gutter cleaning
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Gutter Cleaning - Debris Removal

Using high reach, industrial vacuum poles, we have removed the need for ladders which can damage your properties cladding and fascias. 

Our system uses a CCTV camera which transmits images to a screen to make sure all debris have been removed. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter washing
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Fascia & Building Cleaning

Whether its gutters, fascias or building cladding we are able to clean and restore the look of your property. Build up of dirt, algae, moss etc can quickly affect the look of your business or home.

Our 100% recyclable pure water system we can restore the 'new' look of your property.

Preventative maintenance recommended with Gutter Cleaning

Solar panel Cleaning
solar panel washing
solar panel maintenance
dirty solar panels

Solar Panel Cleaning using Window Cleaning method

Solar panels are prone to dust, tree sap, bird droppings etc settling on them.
A study from Boston University states that these objects sitting between the panel and the sunlight "drastically reduces the systems ability to retain energy, this results in a loss in efficiency". Solar panel cleaning is recommended annually